Diving course

Do you love adventure and enjoy exploring new worlds? Have you ever dreamed of diving into the mysterious underwater world, but never had the opportunity?

Now is the perfect time to change that! A scuba diving course is not only a great adventure, but also an amazing opportunity to learn new skills.

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Why enroll in our course?

There are many reasons to enroll in a scuba diving course.
  • Discovering the fascinating underwater world - Diving is not only a way to learn new skills, but also an opportunity to discover the fascinating underwater world. While diving, you can see amazing landscapes, colorful coral reefs and a variety of marine animals.
  • Gaining new skills - The diving course allows you to learn new skills, such as operating diving equipment, diving techniques, dive planning, dealing with emergencies and diving safely.
  • Health and Fitness - Diving is a great way to stay fit. By diving, you work on your fitness, strength and flexibility.

Why enroll your child in our course?

Enrolling a child in a scuba diving course can have many benefits for both the child and the family. Here are some reasons why you should enroll your child in a scuba diving course:
  • Skill development - Scuba diving is a great way to develop skills such as operating diving equipment, diving techniques, dive planning and dealing with emergencies. The child learns how to act in the water and how to react to different situations.
  • Increase self-esteem - Diving is also a way to increase a child's self-esteem. Learning new skills and overcoming difficulties can help a child build self-confidence.
  • Building healthy habits - Diving is also a way to build healthy habits. The child learns to take care of his or her health and safety, and learns skills that can help him or her in the future.

How much does a scuba diving course cost?

Starting from 1700 PLN

  • Diving theory
  • Practical training in the swimming pool
  • Practical training in open water
  • Certificate
  • Diving equipment
  • Instructor care

When are the classes held?

Aqua Torun Swimming Pool

  • Saturday 8:30 - adults
  • Saturday 10-12 children
  • Monday 18:00

Videos, from our trips

Here you can take a peek, at the memories of our trips. For more videos, please visit our youtube channel - Aqua Aga Diving Center.