Discover the depths of the ocean and acquire freediving skills with us! Our company specializes in organizing freediving courses that will open up the fascinating world of underwater adventure.

Join us and experience the incredible freedom of freediving. Discover a new environment and push your limits. Don't delay, sign up for our freediving course now!

What is Freediving?

Freediving is diving without breathing equipment, using only a mask and fins. It focuses on physical and mental training and breathing lessons, which increases lung capacity and breath control. There are different varieties of freediving, such as time diving, distance diving, ropeless diving or string diving. It's both a recreational and competitive sport, where competitors face each other in different disciplines. Safety is a priority, so we recommend learning under the guidance of experienced instructors. Discover freediving today!

For whom?

Freediving is a fascinating form of diving that is accessible to both children and adults of all experience levels. For children, it's a chance to discover the magical world underwater, develop self-confidence and physical skills. For adults, it's an opportunity to get away from everyday life, learn new skills and relax in the depths of the ocean. Regardless of age or experience level, freediving is not just a sport, it's also a way to develop breathing and self-control skills. Our freediving courses are tailored to your needs, so join us and start your underwater adventure now!

Is Freediving Safe?

  • TRY MERMAID - this is a one-time lesson for anyone who wants to try this sport, to see if it's for them. During such a class, the instructor gives a short introductory lesson on equipment and mermaid tail swimming techniques.
  • JUNIOR MERMAID DIVER is a course for children ages 6 and up, where they learn to swim in a mermaid tail and dive apnea to a depth of 2 meters.
  • MERMAID DIVER is a course for people 11 years and older, tailored to different age groups. Participants learn how to tail swim, dive safely to 5 meters, and master breath control and relaxation techniques for effective diving.
  • ADVANCE MERMAID DIVER - ADVANCED COURSE - This course is aimed at mermaids who want to build on previously acquired skills. The required age is 12 years old. During the course, instructors show you how to extend your time underwater. These classes include choreographic elements and the first SYNCHRONIC MERMAID SWIMMING in Poland.

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